• Erase Negative Ratings off your Credit Report FOREVER!
  • AAA Credit Rating in as little as 90 Days!
  • Reduce past due accounts by as much as 90 percent and have the creditor give you a positive rating for doing it

  • Amazing Credit Power Secrets will show you how to legally repair and rebuild your credit NOW!

    A former Financial Consultant and Credit Analyst Specialist, who after almost 25 years of loyal service to several major Credit Bureaus serving in the capacity of Senior Officer and Operations Manager of The Credit and Consumer Complaints Department was told one day that due to downsizing his position was being eliminated and no other position would be available to him. Infuriated by the way he had been treated after all those years of dedicated service, he decided to compile a series of reports that reveal the "tricks" and loopholes in the Credit Bureau Reporting System and also the things that Credit Bureaus and Bill Collectors fear while compiling a consumer credit database.......If consumers knew these insider secrets, their credit
    problems would almost certainly disappear, and stop Credit Bureaus and Bill Collectors dead in their tracks!


    What is Credit Repair Secrets?

    Credit Repair Secrets is here to help you repair your bad credit and to the best of our knowledge we are the only ones who can repair your credit permanently. We have turned a difficult and time consuming problem into a quick and inexpensive solution.

    What makes your formula so special?

    Our incredible system is foolproof and it's formula has been researched and implemented worldwide. Regardless of how bad your credit rating, this formula will dramatically change your lifestyle and deepen your pockets to create a clean credit file, with reports and reflections unlike anything you've ever experienced. It completely erases your old file, removes any bad credit history, adds positive credit history, and puts you in a class by itself. No other system can match the formula that has been perfected.

    Does this clean credit file work in Canada or the United Kingdom?

    Our proven system will work in the USA, Canada & Great Britain, and in more than 27 other countries...


    Is this clean credit file temporary?  

    No, The Credit Power Secret is permanently And 100% GUARANTEED!


    What credit reporting agencies will my clean credit file be reported to?

    Experian, Equifax & TransUnion

    Credit Consultants normally charge hundreds of dollars. At your low price do you deliver a product that actually works?

     Yes, when your purchase our product, you will not have to pay any additional fees. Credit Repair Secrets enables you to permanently repair your credit. Remember, unlike Credit Consultants, this is not some kind of scheme - it is a proven method for repairing your bad credit file permanently and will protect and/or repair your good name.


    What’s the difference between normal credit repair and your clean credit file?
    Our Program will guide you step by step in creating a clean credit file that will help restore your past credit history. We will not be dealing with any third party and you will concentrate on repairing your current credit history permanently. Credit repair companies hope that credit bureaus such as Experian, Equifax & TransUnion sometimes keep your negative credit records indefinitely. This is not always the case. With our formula, this can be restored.

    If you do business with a credit repair company, they will often charge hundreds of dollars to remove each dispute or negative remarks on your credit report. This can end up costing you thousands of dollars, and does not always guarantee a clean credit file. But if you have a long history of bad credit with major negative remarks, chances are most, if not all, of the marks can be proven accurate with records that the credit companies have on file.


    What can I use my clean credit file for?
    You can use it for anything you desire. There is no difference between how you use your credit file.


    How long does this all take?
    Generally, it takes 15 - 20 days to have a clean well-established credit file. Most people have been able to enjoy AAA credit in as little as 2 weeks or less.


    Does this work for anyone, no matter how bad their credit file is damaged?
    Anyone can get a clean credit file by going through this easy step by step process. Your clean credit file can be established with all major credit reporting agencies. Anyone with a bad credit history can benefit from this program & get a well-deserved second chance. But remember, this can only be done once in a lifetime. You have no third chance !!!

    I have had bankruptcy can you help?

    Most of our customers have bad credit or impaired credit so we provide a service which will enable you to overcome any obstacle.
    Our Credit Power Secrets will provide step by step instructions on how to remove bankruptcy permanently from your clean credit file.



    Is it legal?
    Yes! Our Credit Repair Program describes the same techniques used by Attorneys & CPA’s. This program however, is not intended to defraud or scam any of your current creditors. Even though you will have a clean credit file, you are still responsible for all bad debts owed on your bad credit file.



    How much will it cost after I purchase my clean credit file program?
    Nothing! The process itself is FREE! Your only cost is the initial price of our program. there are no additional charges, and you will not be required to buy more information for regular updates.

    Is it really possible for the average person to fix their credit report?

    Most people don't have the knowledge to begin to repair their credit. And ordering our Secret Credit knowledge is the best place to start. We  offer completely legal, time-tested ways to get your credit report back in shape.

     Do I need to change my identity to get a new credit file?

    This is entirely up to you. You can legally change your name and start fresh with a clean credit history, but this is entirely up to you.

    Do I need to pay back my creditors after my credit file has been cleaned?

    Our formula is not designed to defraud your current creditors. It is designed to give you a second chance at responsibility. There are two things you can do: 1. Declare Bankruptcy or 2. Work your way out. The first alternative would be a "legal" solution to your problem, but it would not be an honorable one. Your creditors advanced you credit in good faith. If you have cleaned your credit, and had a second chance, it would only be fair to pay them back, and you would not be betraying that faith.

    How do I know it will work for me?

    The Credit Power Secrets is designed to work for anyone with good or bad credit or no credit. Everyone's credit is unique, and is reported based on the information you provide to various agencies who report to credit bureaus. The Credit Power Secret is used to working with folks with real credit problems. Your chances are better when you know the secrets and have the knowledge required in order to make your credit file to work for you.

    Why should I trust you?

    We know it is difficult to tell nowadays on the Internet who to trust....but you will find our Credit Power Secrets very responsive to your needs to help you repair your bad credit forever. We have been in business for many years, and have helped hundreds of people repair their bad credit. We want to help you. We want to provide the best service. This is why we have made a unique offer to provide you with our Credit Power Secrets for a very low price, as we realize the problem is that many sincere people have had a hard time believing they can repair their credit permanently. We know we are telling the truth, but you don't know that yet.

    How can I be sure that it is safe to buy from you? 

    That is a good question. A director of the FBI once said that you should never purchase anything from anyone who called you. However, if you found them, then it is usually safe to do business with that firm. You will find that we have not received a single complaint about our Credit Repair Secrets.

    Why Do you want To help people with bad credit?

    Our mission is to enrich all who want to repair their bad credit file by giving them up to date and useful information with regards to improving their financial situation and their credit standing, thereby giving them the ability to provide a better way of living for themselves and their loved ones. The value of the information far exceeds the very low price of these Credit Secrets.

    How Much Does It Cost?

    Our intention is to provide you with the knowledge you need to permanently improve your credit file. The normal cost of our   service is $189.00. It's worth many times this price if it does what we say. the problem is that many sincere people have had a hard time believing they can repair their credit permanently. We know we are telling the truth, but you don't know that yet.

    We understand some credit consultants didn't even come close to what they promised. That's why we are going to make you a special offer. We would like you to order our Credit Repair Secret first, before paying for it. We are so confident in our Credit Repair knowledge that we know you will send the money after you have seen it.

    However, we must ask for a small deposit. there are too many insincere people who would order our Credit Repair Secrets because it's free and then probably never even apply the secrets to repair their bad credit. We want to do everything we can to help sincere people improve their bad credit, but we don't want to lose money because of the others.

    Therefore, in order to get you started immediately, we must require a low one-time deposit of only $49.95. After your receive our Credit Repair Secrets, and see that you really can repair your bad credit file, only then do you have to pay the remaining $139.05. You be the judge. Your deposit covers our expense in sharing our credit repair secrets, and you will not be required or asked to pay for any additional information or instructions. Inasmuch as we would like to send you our credit repair secrets without the small charge, we must protect ourselves from those who are not serious and have no other intention other than to satisfy their own curiosity. Naturally, no business can afford to send out costly information and material to everyone who writes in asking for it. This small charge assures us that you are serious about wanting to repair your bad credit once and forever.

    Even after you have examined our Credit Repair Secrets, and if you still have doubts, in repairing your bad credit, simply put off the remaining payment until you are 100% satisfied that your credit has been restored. We shall not send you any reminders for the balance of the payment, or any additional invoices, and we will give you the benefit of the doubt of being a sincere individual who wishes to learn the credit repair secrets, and will make payment of the balance when you are completely satisfied.

    The way we see it is that the information and knowledge we have acquired over the years is worth thousands of dollars, far more than the amount we are charging. After all, this knowledge will stay with you for the rest of your life, and not only can you benefit from it yourself, you will be able to assist your family and friends who are in a similar situation. You get our knowledge at a Super Amazing one-time deposit of $49.95.

    Why are we making such an incredible offer?

    Simply, because we believe in the Power Principle, and The Law of Income: You will receive in direct proportion to the value you deliver according to the Law of Karma, and if you don't deliver a lot, you don't get paid a lot.

    We are not.....

    in the business of selling pipe dreams! This is an honest, bonafide and legal way to repair your credit situation and increase your income. This is not a Debt Consolidation Service. We provide accurate and useful information that puts you in a better situation to get the credit you deserve. We do GUARANTEE that your credit rating will be permanently repaired, and you will also improve credit worthiness.

    Can you provide me a small sample of one of your Credit Power Secrets?

    Here is one of the Credit Power Secrets! -- This is very dangerous to your credit!     Avoid the credit check pitfall!

    • Before you start applying everywhere, realize this:
    • 2 or more recent credit checks (inquiries) will negatively affect your credit score. Your credit score can be seriously damaged!
    • But, you can avoid this pitfall and still be able to apply at several companies if you know the Credit Power Secret, you can go to the next 
          lender and apply without worry about your credit being damaged. 
    • Here is how it works:
    • If you purchase a copy of your credit report in advance, a lender can pre-approve you with a faxed current copy of your credit report. If they
         decide to reject the loan, you will need to know the Credit Power Secret to avoid being rejected again, and Get Approved!
    • Before completion your lender will....You need to buy Credit Power Secrets to learn how you Get Approved!
    • Note: when you purchase your credit report, it does not show up as an inquiry!  
    • It is a good idea to know the secret......We tell you this in Credit Power Secrets to bite the bullet and find out how to Get Approved!
    • As reported on CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox News, 
      .................a recent study showed 79%
      of all credit reports 
      have some ............Credit Power Secrets.
    • This can cause you to pay more in interest, make it difficult to get a home or even rent an apartment and much more! 

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